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Parent resources

In this section you will find useful information for you and your family such as links and tips. The Adventurers School Age Care team has searched out the best resources on the internet and have combined them all here for you in one convenient location.

Useful links

Site name Description
Family & Community Resource Centre Committed to providing information, resources and support to families
Anxiety BC Helping Children with Back to School Anxiety
Family Online Safety Institute Keeping students safe online
Alberta Family Wellness Initiative
Professional Parenting Canada

This site helps move your important family relationships from good to excellent, through Keynotes, Dinner Seminars, Articles, Videos, Training, Webinars and Consulting

Calgary's Child
Bully free Alberta 1.888.456.2323
Kids Help Phone 1.800.668.6868
Alberta Human Services
Children's Link Society

Active For Life

"Where parents go for their kids’ health and success"
A great Canadian website/magazine that is easy to navigate, with information about Physical Literacy, great articles with a wide range of topics related children, parenting and physical activity, a very useful resource called the kids’ skills builder: http://activeforlife.ca/kids-skills-builder/, ideas for activities to do as a family, a Q&A section, and much more.

Canada’s Food Guide

Health Canada’s government website with important information related to the Food Guide, including the basics, how to use it, healthy choices, maintaining healthy habits, background info, and an FAQ section.

Healthy U

This is a great website for parents to visit with their children. There are several tips and ideas about how to be a "health champion," along with healthy recipes and articles, healthy places, active living, and a link to a Jr. Chef app that can be downloaded to their smart phone.

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association

"ARPA builds healthy citizens, communities, and environments throughout Alberta" This is a direct link to the Children & Youth programs page. There is a newsletter option available, as well as the calendar of events.


This is an excellent resource for parents. There are tons of articles and tips, as well as link to the app that can be downloaded to any smartphone. There is also a link to an updated blog, upcoming events, and an entire section on ‘easy ways to get moving.’

Canadian Sport For Life

"Better sport leads to healthier kids, higher achievement, and lifelong activity"
Contains information about the CS4L movement and how to make activities more fun and engaging for children.

Alberta Health

Website lists the benefits of being active and suggests several ways to become more active.

Public Health Agency of Canada

This website has useful information pertaining specifically to the different age ranges of children, and tips on how best to encourage them to participate in physical activity… this also lists the benefits of leading healthy lifestyles.

University of Calgary - Kids Programs

This page lists the available kids programs that the university offers year-round. There is information about their camps and their "Active Kids" registration for their health and recreation programs.

City of Calgary Recreation Guide

This site lists several recreation programs (karate to hip hop dancing to yoga and more) provided by the City of Calgary. Online registration is available. There are several locations throughout the city.

Alberta Health Services

Age-specific information for parents is provided on their website. It also lists important phone numbers and a wealth of information about Alberta Heath.

Nourish Move Thrive

"Eating healthy for your active lifestyle"
This website has tons of healthy recipes and articles related to nutrition.

WebMD - Raising fit kids

A great article from WebMD on Healthy Nutrition, Exercise and Weight for your kids.

Breakfast, lunch and snack ideas for Elementary students A downloadable booklet on nutrition.
Let kids choose from range of healthy snack-style choices for school lunch

An informative article on children's nutrition choices.

Calgary Board of Education  
Calgary Catholic Board of Education  
Calgary and Area Children and Family Services Authority  

Parent tips

Give your child options Children should be exposed to different options for being active through toys, facilities and games. They are more apt to actively participate when variety is offered to them. Get outside and play with your children. Plan trips to the park, beach and recreation centre. Assist on parent councils to reinforce policies around physical activity at school.
Source: Canadian Living (Michele Drake).
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